Seven Years and I Still Want To Be His Partner

Posted by CraftyGeekMom | On: May 27 2011

Archived from “My Lil Guy” (my previous blog)

The hubby and I just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. Its hard to believe that its been that long but time flies when you are having fun. :)

And now after 7 years, I’m going to be his partner…his business partner that is. :P For the last 5 of these 7 years, the hubby has been self employed as a real estate agent but we both have been feeling that its time to make a change. As we started looking for opportunities to do that, some interesting prospects have presented themselves. So if you don’t see much posting here, it’s because I’m doing research and writing up business plans for what we are hoping will be our new business. I will share more about it as we progress but for now, we feel really wonderful about where this is all going and I would love it if everyone would keep our little family in your prayers as we set off on this new adventure.

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  1. Jen Hill says:

    I’m excited for you guys! You will definitely be in my thoughts!