Photography Mission: Capture Spring

Posted by CraftyGeekMom | On: Apr 29 2011

Archived from “My Lil Guy” (my previous blog)

Last month we took the boys to our local arboretum to see what signs of Spring we could find. Of course I took along my camera to see what fun moments I could capture.  The boys really enjoyed being “turned loose” to explore and I tried my best to keep up with them, clicking all the way. :)

I did ask them to sit together in the flowers a few times and tried to get them to smile for me. It seems that only one of them has the ability to make a “normal” smile face at a time. And by one of them, I mean Sir Q. When asked to stop moving for a minute Capt C’s face does silly things. Which makes me laugh. Which makes it hard to hold the camera steady. :)

Sir Q was willing to take a few breaks but Capt C was on a mission and wasn’t about to slow for anyone.

Ready, Set…


Hope you find some time to enjoy Spring! :)

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