How More Became Less

Posted by CraftyGeekMom | On: Feb 12 2011

Archived from “My Lil Guy” (my previous blog)

Around the time of my youngest birthday party (way back in November), I started to get it in my head that I needed to be better about blogging more often. I’m pretty sure I read it some where and started to get concerned that I wasn’t blogging enough and that no one would like me if I didn’t get with it. So I put pressure on myself to come up with more to talk about, the only problem being that I didn’t know what I wanted to talk about.

You see I only have two kiddos. So I couldn’t really keep posting stuff about my kids’ birthday parties (at least not until next September). Hmmm…I didn’t want to just promote the stuff I was trying to sell but what else did I have to bring to the table. I looked at other party/decor sites and found that little voice saying “who are you kidding, you’re no hostess with the mostess. You’re house is one big work-in-progress. I mean you still haven’t finished your living room redo that you started last year.” And so I got worried. I felt like maybe I had set myself up to be someone I’m not.

So I just didn’t blog. I didn’t create. I let the pressure stop me dead in my tracks. I told myself to just take a break for the holidays, visit family and figure it out when we got back. And the break was good, but at some point I realized that my problem was that I was trying to fake it till I made it and it just didn’t feel right.

I’m no Martha Stewart, but I am pretty crafty. My budget often gets in the way of my ideas but I do my best to create a fun environment for my family. The little voice was right…I’m no hostess with the mostess, in fact I kinda get nervous around large groups of people, but I do love to take a theme and turn it into a fun time for my family and friends. And I’m definitely not super-mom, but I try to balance what’s important and hope that my boys know that I love them.

So from now on my blog, I’m going to let go of the pressure to be “somebody” and just be me and see where it takes things.

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