Bring on the Fall

Posted by CraftyGeekMom | On: Aug 31 2010

Archived from “My Lil Guy” (my previous blog)

The last day of August and the weather has a hint of fall to it. It makes me happy. This is my favorite time of year! Not only is fall my favorite season, but it is also the beginning of all my favorite holidays.  September will kick us off with my oldest’s birthday. He’ll be five this year! It is a little bitter sweet for me. Five just seems like I can’t think of him as my baby anymore. I still have a year before kindergarten, so I guess I can hold on to that.  Then comes October and of course, Halloween. We’ve already started thinking about costumes…I may try my hand at making them this year. So hopefully the force will be with us. ;)

Then November will be here with FIVE birthdays…my hubby, my youngest, my nephew and my twin little brothers! To top it off 4 of the birthdays fall in the same week as Thanksgiving.  And then of couse I’m already dreaming of all the yummy Thanksgiving food. Gosh, is anyone else getting hungry? Then I’m sure time will fly by and its will be Christmas.  I’ve got plans to make several gifts this year, so I should probably get started soon.

The good news about all this holiday busyness is that I should have plenty of projects and ideas to share with you.  I plan to put my birthday gift (my new camera!!) to good use in the coming months. So I say farwell summer and…Hello Fall!

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