Bolters, Purity Seals and Cupcakes

Posted by CraftyGeekMom | On: Nov 20 2010

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Earlier this month I decided to make my hubby something special for his birthday. With his birthday so close to Halloween and with my little boys’ birthdays on either side of it, I’m always focused on their party stuff, costumes, etc and sometimes I kinda forget that he might like something fun too. After all he really is just a big kid anyway.

This year I was trying to explain to Sir Q that after his birthday, there are several more holidays before we get to Chirstmas (He’s pretty excited about Chirstmas this year) like Halloween, Capt C’s birthday and his cousin’s birthday, Thanksgiving….and then hubby piped in “what about my birthday?” I felt so bad that I resolved to make sure that this year I would do something really cool for him.

Now something about hubby that you need to know, is that he still plays with army men. :) Actually he’s an amazing miniature painter and runs gaming events up at the local game store. I decided that I would make up something and take it up for Warhammer night at the store (cause I’m a cool gamer’s wife).

So while some women take cupcakes to the school for their kid’s birthday, I take cupcakes to the game store for my gamer’s birthday. I decided to try fondant for the first time because it was the only way I could come up with to make the bolter look really nice. It looked really cool but I will be the first to admit that fondant just isn’t that tastey.

All the guys got a kick out of the cupcakes and I think I earned some major geek wife points. 8)


  1. Tony Gunn says:

    Major Cool points for the wifey on this!!

  2. Tracey says:

    I love this cake and cupcakes! My fiance is a warhammer player too, and I would love to copy this for his Groom’s cake. Are there any tips you could give me? How did you make that neat bolter?

    • Thanks! Congrats on your upcoming wedding, gamers make good husbands. :)

      I made everything out of fondant. For the bolter, I found an image of one online and printed it at a size that would fit on my cake. Then I made and dyed the fondant the right colors. I started with the main bolter color and rolled it out flat. Then I cut out the bolter image from the paper and used it as a guide to cut around. I just keep repeating that with each additional color by cutting up the image and using it for a guide. This was my first fondant cake and it worked really well for making the toppers, but I did find out that I really don’t like the way it tastes. I piped on the details with some regular icing. I also found some edible metallic glitter at Hobby Lobby that I used a wet paint brush (brand new and washed, not one he had used for painting minis lol ) to brush it on the blue section of the bolter and I think that made it look really neat. Hope that helps!