I’m Jennifer and I’m the woman behind the blog. I’m a 30-something year old mom to two boys and wife to my gamer hubby. I have a habit of starting crafty projects (sometimes I even finish them) and I love (some may say it borders on obsession, but what do they know) several geek fandoms. I’m one of those people who is shy until I get to know you (unless you like Doctor Who, then we can be instant friends) but in my little corner of the web I’m free to be me. So on this blog you will find all the things that make me, well me.


Currently my days are filled with a geeky/gamer husband, a quirky little boy and a goofy bitty boy. Pretty recently, the hubby and I opened a local game store (think more cards, miniature war games, board games…less video games although we both enjoy our share of those too) and it keeps us pretty busy. The store and our customers give me lots of ideas for geeky/crafty projects and I’m looking forward to getting creative and trying to make those ideas a reality.

My two boys are a huge inspiration for everything I do. I love that they can be a part of the daily going on at the game store and so far they seem to enjoy all the geek stuff their parents expose them too. Its all about being a responsible parent…I mean if you won’t talk to your kids about Star Wars, who will?


The oldest, Sir Q, loves computers and video games. He’s a quiet guy who takes awhile to warm up but he’s super sweet and totally smart. (Yah I’m his mom, so I’m sure you’re thinking that what all parents think, but he really is.)


The baby of the family, Capt. C, is an adorable little mischief maker. He’s one of the friendliest kids I’ve ever meet. I can’t go grocery shopping without him telling everyone (and I mean everyone) his name, favorite color, when his birthday is, what he had for breakfast, etc. We’ve decided its probably for the best if we hold off on teaching him our address and phone number…

So that’s the family. The hubby is our tank, taking point and always making sure that the group keeps moving forward. The oldest is our caster with a love for books and logic. Accessing the situation thoroughly before jumping in. The little one is definitely our melee fighter. He’s got some pretty mad ninja skills and loves to get a little bit rowdy. And I guess that leaves me as the healer, watching over the group and trying keep everyone together. I suppose that fits since I do have magical powers to heal owies with a single kiss. ;)